Xiaolin Fang
Divergence Triangle for Joint Training of Generator Model, Energy-based Model, and Inferential Model
Tian Han*, Erik Nijkamp*, Xiaolin Fang, Mitch Hill, Song-Chun Zhu, Ying Nian Wu

Oral CVPR 2019
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Weakly and Semi Supervised Human Body Part Parsing via Pose-Guided Knowledge Transfer
Hao-Shu Fang, Guansong Lu, Xiaolin Fang, Jianwen Xie, Yu-Wing Tai and Cewu Lu

Spotlight CVPR 2018
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Recurrent Residual Module for Fast Inference in Videos
Bowen Pan, Wuwei Lin, Xiaolin Fang, Chaoqin Huang, Bolei Zhou, Cewu Lu

CVPR 2018

Improved Cooperative Learning of Energy-Based Model and Latent Variable Model via MCMC Teaching
Best Presenter at UCLA-CSST 2018
Prof. Ying Nian Wu , Dr. Jianwen Xie
Part of my works during the stay at VCLA of UCLA.
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Hackart -- Intelligent Robot Car equipped with detection and tracking algorithms
First Place in Nvidia Intelligent Car Challenge Group
HACKxFDU hackathon 2017
The whole project is finished within 48 hours.
Have a look at the demo
here. Details can be found in project page.

Robot Car Maze walking
Course project when I was a freshman. The car can walk out of the maze automatically and follow the lines on the ground

Have a look at the demo

Smash Hit
A game on PC by C++, OpenGL
Prof. Hongzhi Wu

Have a look at the demo here. Details can be found in project page.

Reinforcement Learning in StarCraftsII
Research training project in ZJU
Prof. Xi Li

Details will be added later.

Human Tracking on ARM Chip
Rearch training project in ZJU
Third Prize in OPENAI LAB Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Challenge

Details will be added later.

Flappy Bird by Verilog
Group project for Computer Organization
Thanks to my genius teammates!

Details will be added later.