Xiaolin Fang ABOUT ME

I am a senior undergraduate from Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University with a major in Computer Science and a minor in linguistics.

My research interest mainly falls on computer vision and machine learning, especially knowledge representations, with inspiration drawn from cognitive science. I would like to build machines with the capability of understanding the visual world, reasoning about information needed to accomplish given tasks, and interacting with it. Recently I mainly focus on 3D vision.

I am now a member of ZJU 3D Vision Group (affiliated with ZJU CAD/CG State Key Lab) led by Prof. Xiaowei Zhou.


Zhejiang University, China

Bachelor of Engineering | 2015 - 2019
GPA: 3.90/4.0
Prof. Xiaowei Zhou


Weakly and Semi Supervised Human Body Part Parsing via Pose-Guided Knowledge Transfer
Hao-Shu Fang, Guansong Lu, Xiaolin Fang, Jianwen Xie, Yu-Wing Tai and Cewu Lu
Spotlight CVPR 2018
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Recurrent Residual Module for Fast Inference in Videos
Bowen Pan, Wuwei Lin, Xiaolin Fang, Chaoqin Huang, Bolei Zhou, Cewu Lu
CVPR 2018

[News] One paper accepted to CVPR 2019[oral].

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You can drop me an email and I will reply ASAP.
Email: fxlfang [at] gmail [dot] com
Github: https://github.com/FANG-Xiaolin


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